Week Three – Peer Review

You may find the discussion board rubric here:  Discussion Board Rubric Discussion Board Rubric – Alternative FormatsIn this week’s discussion, you will post two pages of your final portfolio: Introductory Page and Professional Philosophy (based on your Week 1 Blog). You will then review a peer’s work and post your feedback.


Module 16 pp. 271 – 274


The following Portfolios were created outside the Blackboard platform, but they are a good example of the content and tone you may consider for your portfolio. (You may look for others on the web related to your specific field.) Consider which stands out to you and what would you like to imitate. Note: Some use Wix, a platform you may also use.


Complete both parts in the same post.Part 1: Discuss some of the Portfolios above. Which ones stood out, and why? Which ones did not stand out, and why? Which ones would you like to imitate? How can you make yours even better than theirs?Part 2: Post two artifacts (pages) from your Final Portfolio in progress.

  1. Introduction: The first page of your Final Portfolio is an introduction to the readers. It should provide an overview of your professional goals and the path you have set to lead you to success. It can also include as much (or as little) personal information as you care to share. (see Final Portfolio instructions).
  2. Professional Philosophy: This was drafted in Week 1 Blog.  You should review the statement, revise it, and post along with your introduction.

No Attachments. Please post directly into the discussion text box. While no specific word count is required, this is a upper level class, and you are expected to provide full, meaningful responses. 


Review to two peers’ comments and their portfolio items. Specifically address the following areas of your peers’ posts:

  • Style and Tone: Is the tone appropriate?  Who do you think the audience is, based on the tone?
  • Content: Does the content provide enough information to get a feel for the individual?
  • Grammar and Mechanics: Is the content easy to read? Is it error free?
  • Feedback: What suggestions do you  have for peer to strengthen the portfolio pages? 

MANAGEPart of your grade for this course will require you to “manage” your thread. During Week Three,

  • Check your own thread for replies from your instructor and peers
  • Select some of the key responses from your peers and reply to them
  • Reply to questions your instructor has.

Post across three days at a minimum. Be sure to check your  post during the week for replies from your peers and your instructor. Responses to additional questions from your instructor are required. 

Exemplary – 100%

Above Average – 85%

Satisfactory – 70%

Approaches Standard – 60%

Needs Improvement – 50%

Initial Post – 30%

Reveals mastery of the material, critical assessment, and thorough exploration of the subject matter.

Reveals some mastery of the material, although further exploration would have increased the value of the post; some critical assessment, although portions of the material may be vague.

Reveals knowledge of the subject matter, although more exploration is needed; some critical assessment was noted, although more in-depth perspective would have enhanced the work.

May highlight what the reading material offers but does not apply further exploration of the subject matter; critical assessment is lacking

Uses personal opinion only without any exploration of additional possibilities; no critical assessment is noted.

Peer Response – 20%

Promotes further discussion on the subject matter through thought-provoking peer responses; demonstrates depth of analysis of topic and peer’s post; reveals evident reliance on the primary sources.

Promotes further discussion on the subject matter through meaningful comments that demonstrate understanding of topic and peer’s post.

Engages peers but does not promote further consideration of the material so that additional learning takes place.

Peer engagement does not encourage depth of academic thought or is based on personal opinion only.

Peer responses do not add substance or promote engagement in the discussion in a meaningful way; comments may be superficial or off topic.

Source Support – 10%

Makes use of source support, as needed, and in proper APA format.

Makes use of source support, as needed, but may not fully use proper APA format.

Uses some source support, though it may not be scholarly or in the appropriate APA format.

Uses limited source support but not as a way to investigate the subject matter; may only use it to reiterate what is already known about the subject matter; minimal use of proper APA format.

Extremely limited or no source support noted; improper or missing APA format.

Grammar and Mechanics – 10%

Demonstrates mastery of grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and usage and with no errors.

Demonstrates proficiency of grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and usage with fewer than three errors.

Demonstrates understanding of grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and usage with fewer than fi

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Personal Philosophy Statement

By Erica Keaton

I believe that every person has only one skill, which is the skill to acquire as many skills as he wants. Throughout my life, I have always worked towards acquiring excellence in every task I put my hands on. I have always focused on improving my work ethic and have been adaptable to new changes introduced within the organization. Not only that, my flexible nature and friendly personality make it easy for me to engage and make friends, providing a comfort zone to everyone working with me. I am always open to criticism and respect everyone’s values and opinions. Moreover, in my previous workplaces, I have discovered many of my skills and abilities and have even polished them for performance improvement. Some of these skills that differentiate me are leadership skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and so on. Decision Making Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

I take pride in my core values, and I never compromise on them. My integrity, loyalty, sense of responsibility, and sincerity to work are something that I believe define me. In my opinion, a man is incomplete without core values, regardless of his success in soft skills and competencies. It would be of no use if a person is always punctual and completes his tasks perfectly and on time, but never makes others comfortable around him. If he does not add value to the organization and is not loved and respected by his co-workers, possessing such great skills would rather be a waste.

In my perspective, I bring more to the workplace than just my skills. I bring in transparency, flexibility, and my motivation to strive to put all my heart into my commitment. However, I think a person can never be perfect. There always is room for growth. There might be many areas where I would need to learn and grow, and I would not hesitate in acknowledging my mistakes, as they would always make me learn and grow into a better version of myself.

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I have learned that it is important to acquire a habit to evaluate ourselves, as it would contribute towards long-term progress and success. Moreover, I also incorporate such self-evaluation methods to achieve self-satisfaction and increase my self-esteem, which is important for a healthy mindset. I wish to stay present-minded, mindful and focused so that unnecessary di