The development and completion of your Practicum Project is a significant milestone in your Master of Science in Nursing program of study. It is now time to share the results of your effort. As you know, there are many traditional formats you can use to share your results, such as presenting at a professional conference or publishing an article in a journal. As a leader with advanced practice knowledge, you may also have the opportunity to present your results virtually. Webinars and virtual workshops are additional methods professionals can use to share knowledge and evidence-based findings. 

As you prepare to share your presentation virtually in this Discussion, think about what you would like to convey about your project to your colleagues in this course and to your practicum Faculty Member. What considerations should you take into account as you prepare to present your Practicum Project findings, conclusions, and recommendations online? What strategies can you use to ensure your presentation clearly articulates your results in the virtual environment? Keep these thoughts in mind as you prepare your final draft of your Practicum Project presentation.

To prepare:

Review the Practicum Project Presentation Overview document, included in the Week 9 Learning Resources, and preview the instructions in this week’s Assignment.

Review the information in the Learning Resources, including the suggestions for creating effective PowerPoint presentations.

Consider the distinctions between delivering a presentation in person, e.g., at a professional conference or at your practicum site, and presenting online. What considerations do you need to take into account as you prepare to share your presentation with your colleagues in this online forum? What steps do you need to take to ensure the information is conveyed clearly and effectively?

Using PowerPoint, complete the final draft of your Practicum Project presentation, (as indicated in the Practicum Project Presentation Overview document and this week’s Assignment). Note that the draft of your PowerPoint presentation posted in this online forum should be complete and polished. While you will have an opportunity to make revisions based on your colleagues’ feedback, the document you share should reflect your best effort to create a thoughtful, clear, and engaging presentation.

Post on or before Day 1 the final draft of your Practicum Project presentation (by attaching your PowerPoint to your post). Explain the distinctions that you took into account as you prepared to share your presentation online.





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NURS 6600: Capstone Synthesis Practicum

Practicum Project Presentation Overview

PowerPoint Presentation Notes

Your PowerPoint presentation should exhibit a professional appearance that reflects
thoughtful, thorough preparation. Consider the audience’s needs, and use your
creativity to design an engaging presentation. Your audience is your classmates and
Instructor. This presentation also serves as your Portfolio Assignment for this course.

The use of PowerPoint as a presentation method allows you to create a narrative to
convey essential aspects of your Practicum Project. As you develop your presentation,
structure the information to provide a logical flow from the beginning (introduction) to the
middle to the end (conclusion).

Determine a title for each slide. As you create each slide, include the slide title at the top
to help orient the audience, and make sure the slide text is concise and easy to read.

While you may wish to include a few photos or graphics, be mindful that including too
many of these items can be distracting and may result in problems with file size and

The evaluation of your presentation will address not just the appropriateness and
inclusion of all required content, but also the extent to which the slides are neat,
organized, and visually appealing.

PowerPoint Presentation Instructions

• Develop a 10- to 25-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

o A cover slide with the following:
-Title of your Practicum Project
-Walden University
-Course number
-Your name

(Do not include the names of your practicum Faculty Member or Preceptor)
o A summary of the Practicum Project topic, goal, objectives, and rationale
o A summary of the Practicum Project methodology
o A summary of the Practicum Project findings
o Conclusions and recommendations that incorporate an evaluation of the

Practicum Project findings in terms of utility and potential for impact within your
professional specialty and your practicum organization’s environment

o Examples of scholarly product(s) developed for the Practicum Project, if

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applicable (you may use screen shots or scans to incorporate these items into
your presentation)

o A summary slide that properly synthesizes and concludes the presentation
o A list of references (including a minimum of five scholarly resources), properly

formatted using APA style

 In addition, you must do the following:

o Write detailed speaker notes for each slide to complement the slide content.

Speaker notes should be clear, in-depth, and function as augmentation of the
slide material. Note: These notes should be written wit



Discussion6600 Week 9: Practicum Project

Amanda Swenty

Practicum Project Discussion

With the current aging and retiring workforce in the nursing sector, which does affect not only the junior nurses only but also the executive nurses, there is a need to fill the vacancies that are left by the graying nurses. Therefore, there is a need for educated well-prepared nurses to carry on the mantle. According to research done by spears and Herrin (2014) discovered that there cannot be the successful implementation of clinical strategies, provision of a safer patient’s environment as well as future nursing leaders without the fundamental knowledge, pg. 231.This discussion looks at the target audience of my research as well as the method of dissemination that are used to convey my findings.


The Aim Of this research is to describe in details the evidence-based practice journals as well as researchers that have been published. Furthermore, this study is carried out for the purpose of exploring the communication between the various literature on clinical nursing as well as researchers. The target audience for my research include the nurses at various workplaces and the continuing student of nursing who will benefit more in from the findings of my research. Moreover, higher studies student can use my results of research as a basis for their researchers or as a reference in their papers.

Design and methodology.

There were four classifications of the articles a, presentations as well as a journal that were put into place. They groups include:

• Clinical practice reports,

• The original research reports,

• The integrative literature reviews

According to research by Small (2012), the usefulness of research in the current era has been influenced by the immaturity found in the social is also not surprising that the research evidence which is directly practices has succumbed to the problem of generalizability. It need no prove that most of the techniques of the investigation are primitive and have there is the utilization of outdated tools, therefore, they are limited in their ability to capture the social as well as the psychological finding, pg324. For my presentation, I would select the clinical coordinator journal which will enable be to have acquired the skills necessary to analyze and effectively evaluate s

Running Head: PRACTICUM 1



Amanda Swenty

Capstone 6600

Walden University

Standardization of students’ placement in clinical site within the green bay college system for acute care rotation is a title of these project which seeks to solves this problem facing a substantial segment of the society

The need to establish a more convenient way through which students can get to green bay college system with ease is apparent. This paper explore for means of serving in this regard and some of the ways of achieving this broad goal include; the use of a computer software to enable students easily locate vacancies in the green bay college system, coordinating all the hospitals in the domain so as to establish places where students can be place, working with different colleges so as to enable the respective schools access the desired positions with ease. The goal of the project is to use tools that are at my disposal to standardize the accessibility of positions into the rotation positions with ease. The aim of the project is use of different tools such as computer programs to facilitate the accessibility of student placement opportunities in the society.

This project seeks to investigate the courses of the current problem in the accessibility of placement opportunities for students in the society. There are hypothesis upon which the project is built and these research will be exploring such relationships with the aim of understanding the issue at hand better.

To standardize the way students are posted into clinical sites within the green bay college system for acute care rotation by the adoption of different clinical placement tools such as a computer program. The project entails coordinating efforts from all affected centers in the society amongst them colleges with affected students, different medical facilities from which placements can be made as well as the clinical coordinator for Rasmussen College in Green Bay.

This project seeks to establish a number of correlations that it deems useful for the resolution of the problem at hand. They include, establish the correlation between all hospitals in the neighborhood and students placement into the green bay college system. Secondly, establish the relationship between respective colleges and the standard student’s placement in green bay student system. Thirdly, explore the role of a computer program in facilitating the accessibility of green bay students system. Fourthly, explore the role of a member of clinical coordinator for Rasmussen College in Green Bay in the placement of students in the green bay students system.

The project can be justified as follows: The in