Title: Early Diagnostic in infections disease.

need to have minimum 14 pages plus references, APA stile and plagiarism free. Im attaching three documents. 

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NR502: Proposal


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Running head: 1


Note that there is no heading that says Introduction. The paragraph or two that follows the title on the first page of your text is assumed to be your introduction. Your introduction follows the title of your paper (note that the title is not bolded). You should start your introduction with a powerful statement or two to stimulate interest. You should identify the purpose of your paper and provide a preview of what the paper will include. Remember that formal papers are in third person, so no I, me, we except in specified areas.

Significance of the Practice Problem

Start this section with identification of the practice problem. This section should also answer the question “why is this important?” You should address the significance to the patient/client (e.g., pain, suffering, quality of life, impact on income potential, etc.), the family, healthcare system (e.g., impact on cost or delivery systems), and society (e.g., cost of care, need for healthcare policy). Discuss the incidence and/or prevalence and include the financial impact if at all possible. You might discuss the impact on length of stay, readmission, home health care requirements, disability and/or mortality. Also, you should address any quality, safety, legal, and ethical implications. This discussion must be substantiated by citations from professional literature.

PICOT Question

This section should include your PICOT question but also should provide thorough descriptions of your population, intervention, comparison intervention, outcome, and timing (if appropriate to your question). This section contains, in essence, your operational definitions of the variables in the question. If you use definitions from the literature, be sure to cite them.

Theoretical Framework

This section should include the theoretical framework that supports your MSN Project. Describe the theory or model that served as the foundation for your project. This may be a nursing theory or a theory from another discipline if pertinent and applicable.

Synthesis of the Literature

Synthesize at least 30 primary research studies and/or systematic reviews; do not include summary articles. This section is all about the scientific evidence rather than someone else’s opinion of the evidence. Do not use secondary sources; you need to get the article, read it, and make your own decision about quality and applicability to your question even if you did find out about the study in a review o




NURS 500: Proposal




Probiotic Use in Prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

The Ventilator associated pneumonia complicate care of patient receiving mechanical ventilation. It is defined as pneumonia that develops 48 hours or more after a patient is mechanically ventilated (Medspace,2015). This condition is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in ventilated patient. Ventilator- associated pneumonia is responsible for between 24- 47 % of ICU acquired infections (Grap, 2012). As per CDC (2018) in 2011 were reported 157,500 cases of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia (VAP) in the United States of America (CDC, 2018). The estimated cost of Ventilator-Associate Pneumonia is calculated between $40,000 and $80,000 per patient/ hospital admission, with an $1.2 billion per annual cost (Marya, 2010). In the prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia, some actions are applied to prevent the occurrence of this respiratory complication in critically ill and intubated patients. As a novelty to these preventive measures in recent years, several studies have been conducted to demonstrate the beneficial effect of probiotics in the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia. As per some of these studies, the Probiotic use can decrease the incidence of this respiratory complication. The role of probiotic in decreasing the risk of infections in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was described for the first time by Petrof in 2012 (Petrof et al., 2012). The purpose of this literature review will be to determine if the probiotic use in prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia is more effective than the conventional method. The method used in this research will be the review of relevant articles related to the use of probiotics in the prevention of Ventilator- Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

Significance of the Practice Problem

The risk of nosocomial diseases specifically in critically ill patients in ICU is considerable. This nosocomial infection without doubt increases morbidity and mortality as well as the cost of health care. VAP is one of these nosocomial diseases. In general, pneumonia is the second cause most common nosocomial infection. Oropharyngeal colonization by the endogenous flora or through the contamination of staff’s hands, instrumentation, medical equipment, water or air in the intensive care environment is considered the main way of acquiring VAP. The agents identified most commonly as responsible of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia has been: methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (40%), Esch

Running head: 1


Concept and statistics (Referencias)

The more items, the more serious

Which is Why is it important?

At the end of the introduction say the purpose …

Significance of the Practice Problem

Here he said he has to show that work is extremely important, that’s why we’re doing it.





Research Question


Objectives: 3 objectives

Steps to answer the question, show how you answer the question.

Theoretical Framework

It’s 2 theories

He says here is to choose any theory from those nurse Example Callista Roy. .or the others

And another theory that is NOT nursing, can be psychology ,,Freud,Erickson ….

And explain how these relate

Synthesis of the Literature

He wants 20 articles

According to Author such and collaborators … Say

who studied? ,

showing chose

what a result

There are 20 paragraphs …. and everyone has to say about the article

Author, anus, type of study, #de sample and result ….

Practice Recommendations

In the end in the articles we recommend something, of each of the 20 articles, therefore it would be 10- 20 recommendations, because some articles may match.

Example Kirenia and Michel proposed this… without matching..

Project Description


Write this the same, putting it like this,

This project will be completed through a literature review. This will be carried out through Google Scholar, CINHAL, Ana G. Mendez Virtual Libraries, WorldCat, PubMed, Internet database. The research will be peer reviewed. A minimum 30 articles of no more than 5 years will be reviewed. I will use some keywords for my search like: Probiotic, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, ICU, conventional methods.

The results obtained from the study will contribute to determine if the probiotic use in prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia is more effective than the conventional method, with a more cost-effective result.

All information collected in this review will be kept in a locked dresser in the principal investigator’s office for a period of 5 years. Both, the principal investigator and the mentor will have access to this material. After this time (5 years), the data will be eliminated with a paper shredder and discarded.