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The type of organization to be discussed is a primary care office. The primary care office is usually managed and performed by a personal physician who gets into collaboration with the other health professionals and ensures that he makes use of the available resources for the purpose of providing the best care to the patients and also does the appropriate referrals (Chism, 2017). The Primary care organization is in a position to provide patient advocacy in the system of health care for mainly ensuring the accomplishment of cost-effective care through the coordination of the health care services that are provided in any given location.

The Roles and Scope of a Family Nurse Practitioner

A family nurse practitioner are usually graduate-educated, they are certified nationally and also state licensed advanced practice nurses who are officially registered. They are involved in giving care to the medically stable patients through their lifespan. The family nurse practitioners just like the primary care physicians are usually involved in providing comprehensive, continuous care through ensuring that a disease is well managed, they provide health education and preventative health services and also ensure that they promote health. They are qualified to provide services like managing chronic conditions among the different patients, offering treatment to minor acute injuries, providing wellness and health care to children and infants, ensuring that they are able to provide episodic care for all the acute illnesses despite the age of the patient. The FNPs must have a registered nurse license, must also be nationally certified and also have a state license that permits him or her to practice as a nurse practitioner. The family nurse practitioner involved in the interview session, the Acute and Episodic Conditions is her area of specialization. She is in charge of dealing with patients managing patients with acute episodic conditions and illnesses across the lifespan. She ensures that she gives treatment and care that is individualized, ensures safety together with privacy.

Questions to be asked to the advanced practice clinician or non-clinician

What to be done if a patient is not able to respond positively to the prescribed medication and goes ahead to request more than the allowed amount

Giving hope to the hopeless is usually my main duty as a family nurse practitioner. In such a case, I always take time to explain to the patient the effects and conseque

NSG 5000 Final Paper Criteria

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Section 1 80 Points

Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing:

No Submission 0

Emerging 1-50

Satisfactory 50- 70

Proficient 71-79

Exemplary 80


· Briefly define advance nursing practice and the roles in advanced practice nursing pertaining to clinical practice, primary care, education, administration, and health information. Distinguish between ANP and the APN.

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· Describe the advance nursing practice role you aspire and briefly share the experiences and/or qualities you have that have influenced your decision. Include your personal nursing philosophy.

Section 2 80 points

Selected Advanced Practice Role:

No Submission 0

Emerging 1-50

Satisfactory 50- 70

Proficient 71-79

Exemplary 80


· Identify the APN you interviewed and summarize the interview. 12 pts

40 points competencies were not mentioned, professional organizations were not mentioned

· Examine regulatory and legal requirements for the state in which you plan to practice/work. 12 pts

· Describe the professional organizations available for membership based on your selected role. 12 pts

· Identify the required competencies (domains) and certification requirements for your selected role 12 pts

· Describe the organization and setting, population, and colleagues with whom you plan to work. 12 pts

Section 3 – 40 points

Leadership Attributes of the Advanced Practice Role:

No Submission 0

Emerging 1- 15

Satisfactory 16-30

Proficient 31-39

Exemplary 40


· Determine your leadership style 5 pts



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Professional Nursing


Previous report overview from the interview.

From my final report, I pointed out important points that are of help especially in this field of nursing. The report was to give a general overview of the primary care office including the services being provided and the role of Joy Ann Stephen Mcdonnough APRN, FNP APRN3160652 Contact Number 954-793-9942 with other collaborated workers. Also the aim of the report was to discover the roles of the family nurse practitioner (FNPs) and the qualification, and certifications based on legal and education requirements to become a full practicing family nurse practitioner. I addition typo the report had was to come up with a solution on the question “what is a clinic service provider supposed to do if a patient is not able to respond positively to the prescribed medication”.

In the report I gave my solutions to the problems that were on query. Grammatical error These include; the role of the clinician and non-clinician in the primary care office among them being, providing patient advocacy in healthcare system and ensuring that the services provided in any location are cost effective to the locals.

In addition, in the report I discussed what the Family Nurse Practitioners are supposed to have in order to practice and these include; the attaining of the minimum educational certificates, have a certification from the governance and the license of operation in order to practice the health care services.

The report includes my view on working as a team and the advantages of teamwork, for example the benefits of teamwork in time management and service delivery and experience from other team members. Also, I discussed work ethics in handling the complaining patients who are not satisfied with the medical prescription and in the report I stressed the need to give the patients hope in that situation and for those who have been prescribed wrong medicine by giving them the top priority before dealing with other cases.

In this regard therefore, the report is useful in tackling this paper because it builds up from the report. Some of the areas in which will be the discussion of different roles of the APRN who have acquired degrees and have the license and fully certified to take their roles in educating, informing and other scopes. Should have a citation within this area to support your text