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Assignment: Evidence-Based Project, Part 5: Recommending an Evidence-Based Practice Change

The collection of evidence is an activity that occurs with an endgame in mind. For example, law enforcement professionals collect evidence to support a decision to charge those accused of criminal activity. Similarly, evidence-based healthcare practitioners collect evidence to support decisions in pursuit of specific healthcare outcomes.

In this Assignment, you will identify an issue or opportunity for change within your healthcare organization and propose an idea for a change in practice supported by an EBP approach.

To Prepare:

· Reflect on the four peer-reviewed articles you critically appraised in Module 4.

· Reflect on your current healthcare organization and think about potential opportunities for evidence-based change.

The Assignment: (Evidence-Based Project)

Part 5: Recommending an Evidence-Based Practice Change

Create an 8- to 9-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following:

· Briefly describe your healthcare organization, including its culture and readiness for change. (You may opt to keep various elements of this anonymous, such as your company name.)

· Describe the current problem or opportunity for change. Include in this description the circumstances surrounding the need for change, the scope of the issue, the stakeholders involved, and the risks associated with change implementation in general.

· Propose an evidence-based idea for a change in practice using an EBP approach to decision making. Note that you may find further research needs to be conducted if sufficient evidence is not discovered.

· Describe your plan for knowledge transfer of this change, including knowledge creation, dissemination, and organizational adoption and implementation.

· Describe the measurable outcomes you hope to achieve with the implementation of this evidence-based change.

· Be sure to provide APA citations of the supporting evidence-based peer reviewed articles you selected to support your thinking.

· Add a lessons learned section that includes the following:

· A summary of the critical appraisal of the peer-reviewed articles you previously submitted

· An explanation about what you learned from completing the evaluation table (1 slide)

· An explanation about what you learned from completing the levels of evidence table (1 slide)

· An explanation about what you learned from completing the outcomes synthesis table (1 slide)

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          So the topic is high speed response teams for patients.  Tachman et al. (2017) has no relevance to this topic.  Metzger et al. (2019) is about link between maternal glucose and neonatal adiposity. This has no relevance to the chosen topic, or to the first article.  Chandler  et al. (2016) has no connection to the other two sources. Bottomley et al. (2018) is also not research, is related to quality of life of cancer patients, but is in no way related to the identified topic.  

          Please review this assignment. You will need to find four studies directly related to the chosen topic, because you will need them for the next assignment.  None of these articles is acceptable and are not research from looking at the abstract. See all of the “Not applicable” or “Not mentioned” in the columns? That’s indication that these are not appropriate.  

          The first two elements of the rubric were not met. The charts were very incomplete and the articles were not appropriate, given the chosen topic. Based on these articles, a clinical best practice could not be ascertained and no sources are cited for the paper portion of this assignment.

          The title of the paper should be at the top of the first page, centered, not bold, with each word starting with a capital letter. It should be the same as the title on the “Title Page”.

          The Introduction should be placed after the title and should not have a header. The purpose statement should be included here.

          What group? What study? None of the articles in the grid are related to this topic?

          Which articles? None seemed to be about this topic. No sources are being cited here.

          This is different from high speed response. Where is the source for this information.


          There is no evidence shown in this paper or tables to support your conclusion. Where is the evidence?

          This is not the topics of these papers and they do not appear to be research.

          No sources are cited in the paper. None of these should be included in the reference list therefore. The four studies directly related to your topic should be discussed, and should be cited and listed here.

          Italicize journal titles and book titles in the references.

          Italicize journal titles and book titles in the references.

          Italicize journal titles and book titles in the references.

          Italicize journal titles and book titles in the references.