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HCR 406 Campaign material Rubric (Total points 40)

This rubric is the evaluation of the Health Campaign PowerPoint & Presentation.






Points- total





Campaign Message

Campaign message is clear and overall concept was clearly expressed.

Campaign message is somewhat clear and overall concept was fairly well expressed.

Campaign message is not clear and did not express overall concept

No campaign message and concept

Target audience & literacy level

Very clear who target audience is.

Campaign connected well with target audience and was convincing.

Campaign material shows above average understanding of target audience.

Materials were somewhat convincing

Campaign appeared to have only adequate understanding of target audience.

Materials did not connect with audience.

Little about campaign materials were convincing or useful for the implied target audience.

Visual Appeal

Visual design of the campaign exceeded expectations in terms of visual design and consistency

Visual design of the campaign demonstrated creativity and consistency expected.

The visual appeal of the overall campaign material was somewhat imaginative but clearly inconsistent.

The visual design of the overall campaign material was unimaginative and inconsistent.

Campaign Execution

Campaign is composed of original, creative designs using appropriate media to reach target audience

Campaign is composed of original, creative concepts expressed through media and message that might reach target audience

Campaign is composed of somewhat creative concepts and/or expressed through media and messages that might reach target audience

Campaign seems week in the media chosen and/or creativity. The material do not seem logical choice for target audience.

**Note: If your team does not meet at least satisfactory levels, up to 7.5 points will be deducted from your final grade derived from categories above.



Unsatisfactory= -5

Health campaign

Amanda Vallera

Arizona State University

April 18, 2020



This health campaign covers the topic on substance abuse.

Substance abuse leads to adverse health conditions.

Substance abuse affects even those surrounding the victim.

The use of alcohol increases the likelihood of using other drugs. Using drugs with alcohol may lead to adverse health conditions. It leads to physical ailments and increases the chances of even abusing illicit drugs. This may cause severe body injuries and brings about hazardous side effects. The use of alcohol and other illegal drugs brings results also in the people surrounding the victim. This is due to the side effects brought about by the use of drugs, and it puts the lives of many at risk. (Gagnon, Jacob, & Holmes, 2010). The use of drugs should not be taken lightly as it may even bring permanent damage to the victim, making him or her life with the guilt. The combined use of alcohol and drugs lead to a condition known as substance abuse.


Target Audience


Substance abuse mainly affects the young people.

Drug abuse has become a common issue among the youths.

Some use the drugs due to peer pressure

They assume the negativities of drugs.

The use of alcohol and drugs, which is commonly referred to as substance abuse, is a condition that is common among the youths. Young people have engaged so much in activities that, according to them, bring pleasure to them. The abuse of drugs is common among them. Some may abuse these drugs due to peer pressure, and according to others, the use of drugs makes them forget all their troubles and leave them feeling “high,” a common term they use. These young people tend to be ignorant about the effects this abuse of drugs brings to them. (Gagnon, Jacob, & Holmes, 2010).Young people have engaged themselves in hazardous activities; some of them are even involved in crimes as they do this under the influence of drugs


Conceptual Framework

The best conceptual framework that can be used should be based on the youths.

The framework should clearly explain the effects of substance abuse.

It should explain the various ways in which drug abuse can be minimized.

The framework should be efficient when being used to reach even those who are in the universities.


The best conceptual framework that can be used in dealing with drugs should be based on the y

Running head: PUBLIC HEALTH1


Public Health

Amanda Vallera

Arizona State University

Drugs, as discussed earlier, have been our primary topic of discussion. The drug requires a health campaign as it has brought about significant effects in each country, and it is even bringing a substantial drain to the economy of the states and the world at large. Drugs have also brought the loss of many people who the world would need for better improvement or major governorship. Because of this reason, drugs need to be dealt with and, most of all, done away thing. The same drugs are the reason why so many mental hospitals are getting full within years; the rate at which the mentally disturbed are being admitted is increasing daily, (Witte &Allen,2000). The rehabilitation centers put around the world are willing to help all those people who are having issues with drug addiction and are enthusiastic in helping those who must deal with drug addict problems and are unable to stop.

Statistics and research have shown that this is a problem affecting the youth. Statistics have also explained that the most abused drug by the child is alcohol. More than 70% of the drug addicts have shown that it is the youth, and their major addict is alcohol. At times these young people find themselves abusing other drugs as they are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol tends to switch people’s brains, and they tend not to think straight. People under the influence of liquor act like mentally ill people, and even in courts, any illegal action they take while in that condition is taken as that of a mad person; this explains how dangerous alcohol and how badly it can damage anyone’s brain and his or her thinking capacity,(Witte & Allen, 2000). It has been noted that most of the youths affected by drug addiction are those who abuse drugs are aged 13-24. This shows that the most affected age group is teens. This is students in high schools, colleges, and universities. Drugs have affected them even in their studies because they are unable to concentrate on their work, and when it comes to those in colleges and universities, most of them do not also attend the lectures.

Since the target audience is based on the youths, the youths are people who are much digitalized and modernized, and this would mean that the words used or the language used should be the language used