MILE STONE 2 – Research and Support

Topic –  Nursing shortage and the need for more nurses 

Organization – Mary Manning Walsh.

please refer to the MILESTONE TWO guidelines and rubric document and FOLLOW ALL instructions.

Also milestone 1 which is apart of this project is attached however the feed back from milestone 1 from the professor is attached so please look at milestone 1 and the feedback before responding to milestone 2 assignment.

NUR 400 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric

In Milestone Two, you will review the literature to determine what information is available in the evidence-based literature on the topic for the executive
summary. Whenever providing an informative presentation to a healthcare executive, it is vital that there be inclusion of evidence-based sources. This is a
foundation for the rest of the paper. In this section, you must include at least three evidence-based sources. Please cite and reference using correct APA format.
When writing the literature review, you may use the headings below to help organize this brief paper. All faculty feedback on the milestones is to be
incorporated into the final executive summary assignment.

Prompt: In your milestone, make sure to address the following topics:

1. Proposal Care Support: Summarize the research from evidence-based studies and peer-reviewed sources that led you to believe that your proposal
would improve quality delivery of care within your organization.

2. Value-Based Support: Summarize the research from evidence-based studies and peer-reviewed sources that led you to believe that your proposal would
improve value-based reimbursement for your organization.

3. Data Evidence: Detail the data from the organization or that you collected yourself that indicated the need for improvement and explain how you drew
your conclusions. Note: This data should include, but not be limited to, tracer data, performance improvement data, benchmarks, and so on.

4. Strategies: Detail existing interprofessional strategies that could be applied to your initiative and organization.
5. Strategy Defense: Defend your recommended strategies in terms of their ability to improve nursing-sensitive quality indicators based on relevant,

reliable research.
6. Change Theory: Analyze relevant theories of change that informed your proposed initiative and could help with implementation.
7. Change Assessment: How applicable are change theories to promoting your intended initiative and to the type and structure of your healthcare


Guidelines for Submission: This paper should be 3–5 pages, not including the cover page or reference page. APA format is to be used for the reference list and all
internal citations (at least three evidence-based sources are required).

Critical Elements Exemplary (100%) Proficient (85%) Needs Improvement (55%) Not Evident (0%) Value

Proposal Care

Meets “Proficient” criteria and
offers professional insights
about the research from
evidence-based and peer-
reviewed sources that support
how the proposal will improve
quality care within the

Logically summarizes the
research from evidence-based
and peer-reviewed sources that

Running head: NURSING SHORTAGE 1


Nursing Shortage and the Need for More Nurses


Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home is located in Manhattan New York and it offers short term rehabilitation and residential skilled nursing. The short term rehabilitation is aimed at speeding the recovery and improves the transition of individuals from hospital to home after undergoing an intensive disease or surgery. The organization mainly serves the upper East Side of Manhattan and has been in existence for more than sixty years. The organization has a religious order in approaching various issues including caring for the elderly. It takes care of all people regardless of their faith in an environment that can rarely be found in the traditional nursing facilities. The mission of the organization is to offer holistic care to every resident in an environment of Christian understanding and faith. It bases it values and ethics on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. All the activities that the organization conducts are aimed at portraying respect for life through love and compassion. It offers residential skilled nursing care for patients that require 24-hour care with a singular mission of helping all patients and improving patient outcomes. The organization has maintained a great reputation over the years for the quality patient care it provides.

Improvement opportunity

The organization receives very many patients each and every day and it does not have enough nurses to take care of the high number of patients. The availability of enough nurses is a quality patient indicator. Due to the nursing shortage, the available nurses work for very long hours which leads to fatigue and job dissatisfaction. Nurses in the facility are also more prone to making medical errors and mistakes (Steege, 2017). They do not spend enough time with patients in order to create meaningful nurse-patient relationships which are very important in improving patient outcomes. Patient quality has been greatly compromised due to the shortage of nurses in the health facility. Other effects of the nursing shortage include overcrowding in emergency rooms, increased mortality rate and increased turnover among the nurses. Some of the nurses have quit the organization because of the extensive duties laid on them as a result of not having adequate nurses. The organization is majorly funded by the Catholic church and it at times gets federal grants. It is in a great financial state therefore it should address the nurses’ shortage issue in order to optimize patient safety. For it to achieve this, all the stakeholders within the organization must be involved. Patient safety is based on adequate and efficient care which is majorly provided by nurses. Without enough nurses, the safet